Most of the dolls available today are made using polyurethane resin and vinyl that makes the dolls to appear smooth and having human like skin texture. However, the earliest dolls were made with natural materials and one of them is peg wooden doll. It is worth saying that wood had been the first material used by craftsmen for making dolls. So, having such wooden dolls can be regarded as having a valuable collectible. Even if you are having only a few of them in your collection, you must know that you have some of the most valuable dolls that’s worth hundreds of dollars. Click here to find out more.

The peg dolls are considered to be the earliest dolls from the eighteenth century and were dressed up in the scraps of fabric. Most of the doll collections consider them to be antique as they belong to ancient times. In fact, these dolls are very rare and are not easily accessible. In fact, antique dolls of this type are one of the most popular items collected by individuals. The interesting fact is that these dolls are highly durable and enduring while being soft and gentle in small hands.

The peg dolls are the oldest and are carved out of wood. They are very rare and hand painted. They also have features and costumes representing adults of seventeenth and eighteenth century. Majority of these dolls has black painted hair along with painted limbs and eyes made from wood. Moreover, they were also dressed in a fashionable way that kindles the imagination and creativity of your child. You can also find this kind of dolls that come with removable clothing. So, you can let your child to dress up the doll as per her desire. This leads to the personality development of your small princess.

What You Can Do With This Doll?

If you are able to find a peg doll for your child, you can thrill her as well as her friends with it. These little dolls can be crafted within a short time using doll pegs and old fashioned clothespins. They can be dressed up using a scrap of ribbon or fabric and can be crafted into different characters by changing certain features like its hair color and material choices. You can even plan this project for the playtime, birthday party activity and sleepover craft of your child. 

If you have planned to invest on a peg doll to ensure funny yet beneficial spare time to your child, it is worth looking at online stores that provide exclusively deals for the buyers.

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